EU veterinarian for work with animal protection and food safety, Sweden


Do you want to work with animal welfare and food safety together with competent and helpful colleagues? Welcome to work as an official veterinarian at the Swedish Food Agency! We are now looking for official veterinarians with citizenship and veterinary identification issued within an EU/EEA country, who want to move to Sweden to settle and work with us. In addition to safe working conditions and good employment benefits, we offer you paid Swedish tuition and a housing allowance for your first months in Sweden.

A sustainable employment

The Swedish Food Agency works actively to offer all employees a sustainable employment. We give you a solid introduction when you start working with us and we offer you safe working conditions and good benefits. Health benefits, subsidized massages, a generous number of vacation days (28-35 days per year, based on your age) and daytime work hours are some of our benefits. As an official veterinarian at the Swedish Food Agency, you contribute to good animal welfare and safe food in Sweden.

If you are new to Sweden, we will guide you through the most important things to do and know. We have for example listed information about how you apply for a Swedish social security number, a Swedish veterinarian ID, how you open a bank account and manage your civil registration. We offer you a paid Swedish tuition for you to practice the Swedish language and we will give advice on how to understand the Swedish culture.

A mission of social importance

As an official veterinarian, you are responsible for live animal inspection and post-slaughter inspection. You work to discover any deficiencies in animal welfare, by examining the animals that arrive at the slaughterhouse and how they are handled. You ensure that the animals are healthy at both individual and herd level, and assess if the meat can be approved as food.

You have an important role as an official veterinarian. You have a control function, but must also support and make it easier for the slaughterhouse employees to understand and follow the food legislation.

As an official veterinarian, you may need to travel a lot by car. If necessary, you will support other Food Agency teams within the department and area.

Your location

You will join our team in Lammhult, southern Sweden. Lammhult is located about 35 km north of the city of Växjö and belongs to the Kronoberg County in the province of Småland. Approximately 2,000 people live in the community or in its vicinity. There is a medical centre, a nursing home, a pharmacy and a dentist. We have a school from preschool up to 9th grade and a new school has just started to be built. The area around Lammhult is full of life and beautiful nature. There are nature reserves, swimming lakes, farm shops, cozy cafes and more. 

Your competence profile

To work as an official veterinarian at the Swedish Food Agency, you need to have:

  • a citizenship within an EU/EEA country or Switzerland
  • a veterinary identification issued within an EU/EEA country or Switzerland
  • very good knowledge of the English language, both speaking, writing and understanding
  • good administrative and computer skills
  • a driver's license valid in Sweden
  • the ambition to learn the Swedish language

Personal skills is important to us. As a person, you need to be flexible, punctual and able to make your own well-founded decisions and initiatives. You have high personal maturity with the ability to reflect on your own strengths and areas of development. You are able to see and contribute to the common mission. You do not hesitate to make necessary decisions in consultation with your colleagues and your manager. You have good cooperation skills and contribute to securing good relationships at work. You are happy to share your knowledge and experience with others and you are open to learn from others. It is together with your colleagues that you succeed and develop. Consultation with entrepreneurs and other stakeholders are also part of the work, which requires your communication to be clear, professional and responsive.

The swedish language

We recommend that you start learning Swedish as soon as possible since this will be a requirement to work with us in Sweden. We have set aside 20% of your working hours for studies for the first 6 months, and we will assist you with a tutoring service. You will need to achieve an acceptable level of Swedish during your trial period to show your ambition and your ability to read instructions and communicate with colleagues and external partners. Your language skills will be tested to Level B2. 

Living accomodation

In order to get you settled we will provide you with an apartment or housing allowance during your first 6 months. 

Welcome to contact us

Application deadline is 2024-06-15. You apply via the job advertisement at jobb.

We will interview interesting candidates on an ongoing basis, so do not wait with your application. 

If you want to know more about the position, please contact Gitte Alexandersson. The representative for the union Saco-S is Ann Nilsson and for the union ST Ricardo Machuca. All can be reached via our switchboard, tel. +46-18-17 55 00.

More about the job

Form of employment: Permanent. We apply an initial 6-month trial period.

Extent: 100%

Access: By agreement

Organization affiliation: Department of Food Control

Permanent employees of the agency are part of the Swedish civil defence service.

Diary number: 2024/01847

Before the interview

If called for an interview, you need to bring your EU veterinary identification, a valid ID document and relevant grades that are required for the job. We will also ask for job references.

Economical support

If you are new to Sweden, you can apply for economical support through the EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme. Read more about it here:

EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme - Arbetsförmedlingen (

More about the Swedish Food Agency

The Swedish Food Agency works to ensure that the food produced, sold and served in Sweden is safe and honest, for a society where it is easy for people to eat in a healthy and sustainable way, and a secure food and drinking water supply in everyday life as well as in crisis. Our tools are knowledge, advice, rules and control. In total, we are approximately 630 employees, of which roughly 330 are in Uppsala and a further 300 work with food inspection around the country.

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