PM 2023 - Snacks, sweets and beverages 2022 analysis of nutrients

One of the Swedish Food Agency's assignments is to examine and analyse food (Regulation 2009:1426). To this end, the Swedish Food Agency has a food composition database containing extensive information about different foods and dishes, such as their nutritional content. The database forms an important basis for the Agency's work with dietary surveys, but is also used by, for example, diet planners, food companies, researchers, and private individuals. The content of the Swedish Food Composition Database is intended to reflect the Swedish food supply and therefore must be constantly updated to remain current.

During 2022 one analysis project, containing sweets, snacks and beverages, was performed and is described in this report.

In total, 39 food samples were analysed in the project. The report describes which foods were analysed, how they were selected, and how sampling, sample preparation, and analyses were carried out. The results of the analyses, together with estimated and calculated nutrient values/components, are summarised in Appendix 5. The results are also available via the web service "Sök näringsinnehåll” (search for nutrients) on the Swedish Food Agency’s website.


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