Sweden's environmental objectives

Sweden's environmental objectives are central to show the path to sustainable development and Agenda 2030. We still have a long way to go to reach the objectives and the pace of work needs to increase.

The environmental objectives system

The Swedish environmental objectives system consists of one generational goal, 16 environmental quality objectives and a number of milestone targets in priority areas. Sweden’s environmental objectives address the ecological dimension of the global sustainable development goals in the United Nation´s Agenda 2030 on a national level.

The generational goal

The overall goal of Swedish environmental policy is to hand over to the next generation a society in which the major environmental problems have been solved, without increasing environmental and health problems outside Sweden's borders.

The generational goal is intended to guide environmental action at every level of society.

Environmental quality objectives

The environmental quality objectives describe the quality of the environment that Sweden wishes to achieve. Follow-ups of the state of the Swedish environment shows that we have a long way to go to reach most of the environmental objectives. For many of the objectives, the development goes in in the wrong direction, for example the objectives Reduced Climate Impact and A Rich Diversity of Plant and Animal Life. Over the next ten years, to reach the environmental objectives and implement the urgent society change needed, the pace of work needs to increase.

The 16 environmental quality objectives are:

  • Reduced Climate Impact
  • Clean Air
  • Natural Acidification Only
  • A Non-Toxic Environment
  • A Protective Ozone Layer
  • A Safe Radiation Environment
  • Zero Eutrophication
  • Flourishing Lakes and Streams
  • Good-Quality Groundwater
  • A Balanced Marine Environment, Flourishing Coastal Areas and Archipelagos
  • Thriving Wetlands
  • Sustainable Forests
  • A Varied Agricultural Landscape
  • A Magnificent Mountain Landscape
  • A Good Built Environment
  • A Rich Diversity of Plant and Animal Life

 On the web pages about Eco-smart food choices, environmental impact is described in relation to the environmental objectives.

Reviewed 2023-01-31