Dairy products - advice

Tallrik med yougurt

Switch to low-fat dairy products!

Choose low-fat, unsweetened products enriched with vitamin D.

Find your way – how to make it work

Smart dairy choices

Low-fat milk contains just as many nutrients as full-fat, but with less saturated fat and fewer calories. Look for the Keyhole symbol.

Fermented dairy just as nutritious

Fermented milk provide just as much calcium and other nutrients as milk. Skip sweetened varieties, and add fresh or frozen berries instead!

Veggie drinks

Drinks made of oats and soya are eco-friendly. Choose the ones enriched with vitamins and minerals – you'll see this information on the packaging.

Sauce with a kick

Why not try making a tomato salsa with garlic, chilli, ginger and exciting herbs instead of a traditional cream sauce?

Challenge your taste buds

Buy a really well made cheese bearing the Keyhole symbol and carry out a taste test. If you can't taste the difference, you've found a great way to cut back on the less healthy fat.

For your health

Dairy products contain lots of calcium which we need for our bones and teeth. Depending on what else you eat – cheese, for example – 2-5 decilitres of milk or fermented milk a day is all you need to make sure you get enough calcium. Dairy products often contain lots of other important vitamins and minerals, as well as protein.

Low-fat dairy products also help reduce the risk of several different diseases, including high blood pressure, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

For the environment

Dairy products come from cows, which release methane gas. This is bad for the environment, so it's a good idea not to consume too much cheese or other dairy products. At the same time, grazing animals can do their bit for the environment. In Sweden, for example, they help to produce a rich agricultural landscape and ensure that natural pastures are kept open. This benefits lots of species under threat.

Ecolabels such as "organic" help you choose foods produced with the environment in mind.


Reviewed 2024-01-25