The Keyhole

 Tjej med blått hår står framför en spis tillsammans med en annan tjej.

The Swedish Food Agency's Keyhole symbol is a tool to help consumers identify the healthier options when buying food.

The Keyhole is a food label that identifies healthier food products within a product group.

Choosing foods with the Keyhole symbol makes it easier and less time consuming to find healthier products in grocery stores. Foods labelled with the Keyhole symbol contain less sugars and salt, more fibre and wholegrain and healthier or less fat than food products of the same type that can not be labelled with the Keyhole.

The Keyhole system aim to stimulate manufacturers and food producers to product reformulation and development towards healthier products.

The Keyhole system has a set of criteria for 32 food groups. The Swedish Food Agency has registered the Keyhole as a trademark and the labelling system is enforced through a regulation.

Why choose foods with the Keyhole symbol?

What we eat impact our health. Adults who eat a healthy diet live longer and have a lower risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.  Eating a healthy diet also reduces the risks of dental caries and constipation.

Who can eat foods with the Keyhole symbol?

Foods labelled with the Keyhole symbol are suitable for all healthy individuals - adults, teenagers and children.  Foods carrying the Keyhole symbol are not "diet foods" but are intended for everyone who wants to eat a healthy diet. Products intended for children up to the age of three years must not be labelled with the Keyhole.

What foods can be labelled with the Keyhole?

Foods eligible to carry the Keyhole symbol must fulfil certain conditions specified in the legislation. These conditions - regarding how much fat, sugars, salt, fibre, wholegrain, fruit and vegetables may be present in foods with the Keyhole symbol - are based on the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, which are based on scientific research.

Design Manual for the Keyhole

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Reviewed 2022-03-17