Pesticide residues - analysis

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Pesticides are used to protect plants against pests, weeds and mould. They can also be harmful to living organism and the environment and it is therefore necessary to regulate and control the use of pesticides. The Swedish Food Agency is the competent authority and responsible for the monitoring of pesticide residues in food.

For the monitoring of pesticide residues, multi residue methods are used which are preferable due to the simplicity to detecting hundreds of pesticides in a single extraction. Moreover, for pesticides, which are not amenable in multi residue methods a number of single residue methods have been developed.

Accredited methods

The accredited methods used by the Swedish Food Agency to analyse pesticides residues are listed in the pdf below.

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Marie Aune
Head of Unit Pesticides and Persistent Organic Pollutant

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Reviewed 2024-04-02