Eco-smart food choices

Your food choices are not only important for your health - they  also affect the environment.

Some advice on how to reduce the negative effects on the environment:

  • Eat less meat, choose more plant food instead. Try to exchange some dishes of beef, lamb, pork or chicken every week with vegetarian meals, and eat smaller portions of meat.
  • Choose fish harvested from sustainable stocks or farmed in a sustainable way, for example certified fish.
  • Choose fruits and vegetables that store well, that is vegetables with lower water contents and higher fiber contents such as root vegetables, brassicas and onion. 
  • Cut back on sweets, soft drinks, pastries and snacks – they have an impact on the environment but their nutritional contribution is low.
  • Minimize food waste – store food properly, plan your purchases and use the leftovers.

Below you find information on how different types of foods affect the environment.

Reviewed 2023-11-27