Resgistration to Workshop 2024

The 2024 workshop of NRLs for foodborne viruses will be held at the Marine Institute outside Galway, Ireland. the 22nd tand 23rd of May.

You will stay at The Connacht Hotel Galway. To book hotel, carefully read the invitation letter.

We will start at 9:00 AM and as previous physical meetings, we will end the meeting with lunch that starts at 1.00 PM on May 23rd.

The day before the workshop (21st of May) we will have a meeting with the NGS Working Group of NRLs for Foodborne Viruses (NGS WG). The meeting will start 1.00 PM. A specific invitation will be sent to the Group members.

Please reply by filling in the registration form regardless if you plan to participate or not. Please, respond no later than 15th of Mars.

Participation at the workshop 22nd and 23rd of May
Participation at the meeting for the NGS Working Group of NRLs for Foodborne Viruses 21st of May, 13:00-16:30
If yes, for any of the above, please fill in day of arrival
Day of departure
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Reviewed 2024-03-13