Health foods and food supplements

Importers of health food products can contact the Medical Products Agency to find out whether the product is classified as a food or pharmaceutical. Special regulations also apply for dietary supplements.

Handling permit

Application for a permit to handle ready-to-drink beverages in plastic bottles (PET bottles, e.g. soft drinks) should be addressed to the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Vallgatan 8, SE-551 82 Jönköping.

Import fees

The National Food Agency charges a fee for import controls on certain foods from third countries.

For information concerning customs fees, please contact the Swedish Customs.

Licensing regulations

Licensing regulations may exist for agricultural products from third countries. The Swedish Board of Agriculture requires import licences for importers of e.g.:

  • fruits & vegetables
  • dairy products
  • meats
  • wine
  • sugar
  • rice and cereals

A guide to regulations concerning import licensing can be found on the website of the Swedish Board of Agriculture. If you have any questions, please contact the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

Reviewed 2019-12-13