The food database

The Swedish Food Composition Database provides information on the nutritional composition for more than 2000 foods and dishes, mostly Swedish.

The information is continuously updated and new data added. To achieve new data analytical projects are carried out, please see the analytical reports in the right column for more detailed information.

The main aim is to provide nutrient information on representative foods on the Swedish market and to enable the National Food Agency (NFA) to calculate energy and nutrient intakes from diet surveys performed at the NFA. Nutrients included in the Swedish nutrient recommendations are prioritised in the data.

For each food data on more than 50 nutrients are presented. In addition, information on analytical methods, calculations and factors used in the calculations are available. For the mixed foods ingredients and proportions are listed. When the food composition data is updated a file listing all changes is published.

Free on-line access to Swedish food composition data.

Reviewed 2023-04-28