Import from countries outside the EU - organic food

On this page you will find information on what applies when importing organic food products from countries outside the EU.

To import organic goods, your company must be registered with the Swedish Food Agency and certified by a control body in Sweden.

Before you start importing, you and your company must be registered in the TRACES.NT (TRAde Control and Expert System New Technology) web system, which handles all organic import consignments. 

Every consignment of organic food imported from a non-EU country must have a fully and correctly completed organic certificate of inspection (COI). Each consignment must also be pre-notified to border control at the National Food Agency before it arrives in Sweden.

The party responsible for the consignment (RFC) must be the one to book control. This can either be you as the importer or a freight forwarder if you use one.

The control must be booked at least one working day before it is to be carried out.

Write the following in the subject line of the email: the certificate of inspection (COI) number, the consignment’s expected date of arrival (ETA) and the point of entry at which the consignment will arrive.

Consignments containing food products with a CHED certificate must be imported via a border control post, with prior notification directly to that border control post. Email in the same way as in the instructions above. Email addresses for border control posts:

Reviewed 2024-01-05