About us

The Swedish Food Agency works to ensure that the food that is produced, sold and served in Sweden is safe and honest, for a society where it is easy for people to eat in a healthy and sustainable way, and that there is security in the supply of food and drinking water both on a daily basis and in times of crisis.

Our tools are knowledge, advice, rules and control.

In the interest of consumers, the Swedish Food Agency works to promote:

  • Safe food and drinking water
  • Transparency in food handling
  • Sustainable food consumption

By safe food, we mean that no one should get sick from food due to hazardous substances or contaminants in food and drinking water.

Honest food for us means that the consumer is given the right information about the food. That the list of ingredients is correct, that the labelling does not promise more than it can deliver, and that the production of food products is not manipulated.

For us, sustainability entails producing food and drinking water in a way that is of benefit to people, animals, and the environment, both now and in the future. That everyone living in Sweden eats in a way that counteracts disease and promotes equal health.

The Swedish Food Agency’s work is knowledge-based – decisions and advice are based on science and are independent of special interests. 

To succeed, we need to:

  • make it easier for food companies to do the right thing and that laws and regulations should be easy to understand.
  • have effective controls, that take place in the same way throughout the country.
  • collaborate closely with other authorities and operators in society, as well as with companies and organisations in the food industry. 
Reviewed 2024-01-14