About us

The food is good for the consumers’ health and well-being 

This is the vision of the Swedish Food Agency. We work towards the following goals; healthy dietary habits, safe foods and fair practices in the food trade. Our tools are regulations, recommendations and communication.

Our recommendations and communication support consumers in their everyday life, for example when shopping, feeding their children and cooking. Guiding consumers towards healthy dietary habits is a big challenge and a very important task for the Swedish Food Agency.

Food legislation is in essentially harmonized within the EU. The Swedish Food Agency takes an active part in the development of new legislation in co-operation with other EU member states.

Food safety is the responsibility of the company that produces or sells food. The food control, which includes drinking water, is carried out by the Swedish Food Agency at the national level, the County Administrations at the regional level and the municipal Environment and Health Protection Committees at the local level.

The Swedish Food Agency is the competent authority when it comes to environmental issues in the food sector. We encourage people to learn more about eco-smart food choices and how to minimize food waste.

Reviewed 2023-01-11