Laboratory activities and scientific support

The Swedish Food Agency performs analyses to ensure that food and drinking water are safe and that everyone is informed about what the food contains.

The Swedish Food Agency works with method development and has the equipment and competence to meet new needs. We are involved as expert support for both laboratory analysis competence and risk assessment and risk management. We accept samples for analysis by agreement.

The Swedish Food Agency has both chemical and microbiology accredited laboratories. Some 8,000 analyses are carried out in these laboratories every year. The analyses are performed for investigations, surveys and official controls.

The Swedish Food Agency acts as the national reference laboratory for 21 areas. The Swedish Food Agency is also a European reference laboratory for foodborne viruses.

Below are some of our laboratory services and projects presented. All other are presented in the meny to the left. 

Mussels on a cliff by the sea

Natural toxins

The Swedish Food Agency analyses various toxins – for example, biotoxins in mussels, cyanotoxins in water, glycoalkaloids in potatoes and mycotoxins and bacterial toxins in many different types of food.
Outdoor water tap

Unknown contamination in drinking water

Sometimes water treatment plants experience situations in which they may suspect that a sample has been biologically or chemically contaminated. It is not always obvious what has ended up in the water. This is why non-target analytical methods (in which we look for ‘everything’) are needed, instead of targeted analytical methods aimed solely at the classic pollutants.
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Proficiency testing

Do you want to participate in the microbiological proficiency testing program that is provided by the National Food Agency? Click here to read more and to register your lab.
Reviewed 2022-06-16