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Acrylamide is analysed in all food types included in European Commission regulation (EU) 2017/2158 on benchmark levels for acrylamide in food.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) is analysed in most food types, excluding nutritional supplements, as regulated in European Commission regulation (EC) 915/2023.

The method for preparatory markers is designed for use in assessing the chemical purification effect of water treatment plants.

Non-target screening is a method that can be used when contamination by one or more unknown substances is suspected; for example, when investigating a food poisoning outbreak, suspected sabotage of a waterworks or food producer, etc. The method is not quantitative and possible findings may require further investigation to safely confirm.

The Swedish Food Agency employs an accredited gravimetric analysis method to check the net weight, gross weight and level of glazing of frozen fish.

Accredited methods

The accredited methods used by the Swedish Food Agency to analyse other substances are listed below.

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Substance Analytical technique
Akrylamide LC-MS/MS
Preparatory markers
(13 veterinary drugs/pesticides) in water*
Non target screening analysis of organic chemical substances in water and food* LC-MS/MS,
PAHs (19) in food GC-LRMS
Net weight, gross weight and level of glazing of fish Gravimetry

* Not accredited

Laboratory services

Reviewed 2023-09-15