Food losses and waste

Every year, the average Swede throws away around 19 kilogrammes of perfectly edible food and throws about 26 kilogrammes food and drink down the sink. The yearly cost of the food thrown away by the average family is enough to get by on for a whole month.  Besides the fact that it’s not so smart to throw money in the garbage can, such waste is bad for the environment.

One simple way of improving the environment is to cut back on the amount of food you waste. In the links below you’ll find advice on how to store food properly and how to use leftovers efficiently, and you’ll learn about the real meaning of best-before dates.

Using food wisely is good not only for your finances, but also for the environment. Producing food contributes to global warming and environmental degradation, and the carbon footprint from the food thrown away by Swedish households every year is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gases from 360,000 cars.



Reviewed 2021-09-15