Eco-smart food choices

Each year every Swede consumes around 800 kg of food and drink. About a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions that Swedish consumption causes comes from what we eat; that is, from the emissions of greenhouse gases from food on it’s way from field to fork.

Food also affects the environment through eutrophication, overfishing and by the use of pesticides. But food can also have a positive effect on, for example, the agricultural landscape and biodiversity. Some foods have a major impact on the environment, others less so. That is why the choices we make in the shop are important.

Parliament has decided that the Swedish emissions of climate-changing gases should be reduced by 40 per cent by 2020. To succeed we must change our consumption habits. Under the headings to the left you will find information on how different types of food affect the environment. It can help you make eco-smart food choices. Begin with what you find most easy to change, then take one step at a time.

These texts have been compiled in collaboration with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket).

Reviewed 2018-05-18