Import from countries outside the EU - non-animal products

Most of the products of non-animal origin which are imported to Sweden from countries outside the EU do not have to be controlled at the border. However,  there are some exceptions.

Import control of food of non-animal origin according to Commission Regulation (EC) No 669/2009

When importing certain food products of non-animal origin from countries outside the EU some of these products should be checked at a designated point of entry at the Swedish border. This Regulation is regularly updated  and products to be checked may vary. You can find the Regulation on the EU Commission web site.

Food consignments from outside the EU having to undergo border control must be pre-notified to a Designated Point of Entry run by the National Food Agency. Pre-notification must be made no later than 24 hours before the consignment arrives in the national territory.

Payment procedures

The importer must pay an inspection fee and possible expenses for
sampling and analysis per consignment. The fee is raised if control is at times other than normal business hours. 

Rules of the Board of Agriculture

The Board of Agriculture has restrictions on import of certain plants.


Reviewed 2018-08-06