Proficiency testing - Microbiology

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Laboratories can objectively prove their analytical skills by participation in proficiency testing (PT) programs.

PT programs

The Swedish Food Agency has arranged proficiency testing programs for microbiology since 1981. The programs are approved by SWEDAC, the accreditation facility in Sweden, according to SS-EN ISO-IEC 17025 and SS-EN ISO-IEC 17043.

PT schemes for microbiology

Rounds per year Analysis of
Drinking water 2 cultivated microorganisms (total count), fecal indicators, coliform bacterias, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and micro fungi
Food 3 total count of aerobe microorganisms, indicators for Enterobacteriaceae, pathogens, micro fungi etc.

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How a PT round works

Samples that have been tested for homogeneity are sent out to laboratories that have registered for participation. After analysis, the participating laboratories report their results before a deadline.
The results are then statistically analyzed and put together into a report which is published on the website.

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We collect, process and store information about you/your laboratory in order to adminster your/your laboratory's order or samples from us. We also collect, process and store information to administer and evaluate your/your laboratory's participation in our PTs. The collected data will occasionally be used to send out various relevant information to you/your laboratory, or to ask for participation in surveys. Exceptionally, anonymised information may be shared with a third party at our discretion.

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