Import bans - products of non-animal origin

On occasion, the European Commission issues safeguard measures involving import bans on certain products of non-animal origin from certain countries outside the EU, in order to protect human and animal health against infection or harmful substances.

Please note that most products of non-animal origin do not require border control and may be imported into the EU if they comply with the rules set up by the Swedish Customs and the Swedish Board of Agriculture. Certain products of non-animal origin require border control, read the information about import of products of non-animal origin.

Dried beans from Nigeria

The Commission has decided to ban all imports of dried beans from Nigeria declared under CN-code 0713 35 00, 0713 39 00, and 0713 90 00 due to continuous high levels of pesticide residues. The Decision entered into force 20 June 2016 and will apply until 30 June 2022.

Betel leaves from Bangladesh

The Commission has decided to ban all imports of foodstuffs containing or consisting of betel leaves from Bangladesh declared under CN codes 1404 90 00 due to the presence of salmonella. This Decision applies until 30 June 2018.

Genetically modified foods – GMO in rice from the United States

Random testing in accordance with Commission Decision 2010/315/EU will be carried out on rice products imported from the US. This is to verify the absence of rice products mixed with the genetically modified organism "LL RICE 601" on the market.

Commission Decision 2010/315 on emergency measures regarding the non-authorised genetically modified organism "LL RICE 601" in rice products

Reviewed 2020-04-07