Import from countries outside the EU - non-animal products

Most of the products of non-animal origin imported to Sweden from countries outside the EU do not require border control. For such consignments you only have to contact the Swedish Customs. However, there are some exceptions. Review the following to find out what applies to your products.

  1. Safeguard measures
    The European Commission issues regulations in order to protect human and animal health against infection or harmful substances in food. These regulations are called safeguard measures and involve import restrictions to the EU regarding specific products from a specific country.
  2.  Food import bans from certain countries outside the EU
    Certain products of non-animal origin are banned from entry to the EU. 
  3. Rules of the Swedish Board of Agriculture
    The Swedish Board of Agriculture has restrictions on import of certain plants.

Payment procedures

The importer pays an inspection fee as well as any costs resulting from 
sampling and analysis per consignment. The fee is raised if the import control has to be carried out outside normal business hours. 

Reviewed 2020-09-16