Order of follow-up samples

Participants in our PT programs can order one extra vial per test sample, free of charge.

If you require more than one vial of the same sample, the cost is 492 SEK / 49 EUR / 52 USD for each such additional vial
Shipping and administration (within Europe): 400 SEK / 40 EUR / 42 USD
Shipping and administration (outside Europe): 1800 SEK / 180 EUR / 190 USD
Shipping and administration with courier (all destinations): 1800 SEK / 180 EUR / 190 USD

When stored corrently (darkness and at least -20 C, but not lower than -55 C), the concentration of microorganisms in the PT samples are normally stable for one year after the PT round. A gradual decrease of the microorganisms is expected over time, but this will normally not have a significant effect on the outcome of the follow-up analysis.

Dispatch of samples is made within 1-2 weeks from ordering. We only dispatch samples on Mondays-Tuesdays to avoid that the package is being stored at a post office over the weekend.


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Reviewed 2021-06-16