Imported products of non-animal origin subject to municipal control

A small number of products of non-animal origin from certain non-EU countries undergo control at the post-border control stage, usually as part of the municipal food control system. Read about which foods this applies to and what is required when importing them.

Almonds from the USA and wheat/wheat flour from Canada

Special rules apply to the import of almonds from the USA and wheat/wheat flour from Canada. The EU has authorised the control of aflatoxin in almonds and ochratoxin A in wheat/wheat flour from Canada to take place in the USA and Canada respectively, known as pre-export control. This means that there is no border control of these products when they are imported into the EU.

For pre-export controls to be valid, the consignments must be accompanied by the results of sampling and analysis, as well as a special certificate. The certificate must be signed by the competent control authority in the USA or Canada before departure. The format of the certificate is set out in the Annex to the Regulation. Each consignment must be identified by a code that must be found both on the above-mentioned documents and on each individual package in the consignment.

Consignments of almonds from the USA or wheat/wheat flour from Canada are subject to documentary checks by the control authority of the importer. If control took place in the country of dispatch (Canada or USA), the control authority at the first receiving establishment samples less than 1 per cent of the consignments. If sampling was not done in the country of dispatch, 20 per cent of the consignments are sampled.

The provisions on the import of almonds from the USA or wheat/wheat flour from Canada, dispatched from the USA or Canada, are laid out in Regulation (EU) 2015/949.

Rice and rice products from the USA

Reviewed 2023-12-18