Nordic Food Waste Summit 2023

A huge thank you to everyone involved for inspiring discussions about how we can step up the fight against food loss and waste at the Nordic Food Waste Summit 26 April 2023 in Stockholm. What are the best practices to reduce food loss and waste? How can we accelerate the progress and how can Nordic co-operation provide added value for national efforts?

The Nordic Council of Ministers summary of the conference:

Food loss and waste are big sustainability issues with vast effects on our climate and environment. More than a third of all the food produced globally is lost or wasted. In the Nordic countries approximately 3.5 million tons of food are wasted annually. If food waste were a country, it would be the third biggest greenhouse gas emitter in the world. Reducing food loss and waste are key aspects to create sustainable food systems for the health of our environment, climate, and people.  

The Nordic Food Waste Summit brought together experts, politicians, authorities, businesses and civil society in an effort to increase co-operation and bring about urgent action to reduce food loss and waste. The summit took place at an important time when our food loss and waste need to be reduced.

The summit was open for all stakeholders in the sector with high-level speakers for an inspiring day as we delved into the challenge of reducing food loss and waste.

There was also a, invitation only, networking meeting for officials and authorities working with food loss and waste-related issues on the 25 April.


Registration is closed: Nordic Food Waste Summit 2023

Speakers and high level participants

  • HRH The Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
  • HRH Princess Marie of Denmark
  • Peter Kullgren, Sweden’s Minister for Rural Affairs
  • Jacob Jensen, Denmark’s Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Selina Juul, founder and Chair of the Board of the Stop Wasting Food movement (Stop Spild Af Mad) 
  • Petter Haas Brubakk, Director-General of FoodDrinkNorway (NHO Mat og Drikke) 
  • Annica Sohlström, Secretary General of the Swedish Food Agency  
  • Angela Frigo, Secretary General of FEBA – The European Food Banks Federation 
  • Mats Liedholm, CEO, Fazer Sverige 
  • Peter Rønn-Petersen, Director, Meyers Madhus DK
  • Kristoffer Hagstedt, CEO of Whywaste 
  • Matt Homewood, food waste campaigner at Throw No More 
  • Rikke Ramm Eberlein, Senior Consultant, CSR, Lidl Danmark
  • Anne-Grete Haugen, Managing Director of Matvett 
  • Anja Bakken Riise, Executive Director of Framtiden i våre hender 
  • Staffan Eklöf, Vice chairman of the Nordic Council Committee for a Sustainable Nordic Region
  • Karin Fritz, project manager at the Swedish Food Agency  
  • Jens Dolk, founder of K-märkt 
  • Sebastian Hielm, Director of Food Safety, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Karin Lindow, policy analyst at the Swedish Board of Agriculture  
  • Anne Marie Schrøder, Head of Communication at Matvett 
  • Per Christian Rålm, Managing Director Matcentralen
  • Jens Jonsson, National Food Bank Coordinator, Swedish Association of City Missions
  • Mette Nygård Havre, Founder, Founder, @spisoppmaten
  • Filip Lundin, founder of Sopköket 
  • Markus Wahlgren, Manager of Stora Coop Gotland
  • Karl Andersson, CEO, Matsmart
  • Lennart Wallander, Chief officer of tomorrow, Food & Friends 
  • Jonathan Eng, Project Leader, Nordic Council of Ministers  

The meeting was hosted by the Swedish Food Agency and the Nordic Council of Ministers, in collaboration with the Swedish Board of Agriculture and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.


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