Private use and commercial samples

On this page you will find information about import of food of non-anima origin for private use and commercial samples.

Imports of foods on non animal origin for private use 

Food of non animal origin (vegetable and plant products),  that are subjected to border control may be imported without border control by the Swedish Food Agency, if they are intended for private use only and as long as the net weight  does not exceed 30 kg. See Article 1.3 of Regulation (EU) 2019/1793.

The person importing the food of non-animal origin, must show that the consignment goes to a private address and is not for commercial use.

Please note that the consignment of non-animal origin for private use may be subject to rules on plant pests that can be spread with fresh fruits and vegetables and certain cereals. For more information contact the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

Commercial samples

A commercial sample is a consignment that is brought into the country for qualitative, sensory or research purposes, but which should not reach consumers. Commercial samples do not always need to be border controlled by the Swedish Food Agency. If a consignment of a commercial sample of non-animal origin  exceeds a net weight of 30 kg, it shall be border controlled. See Article 1.3 of Regulation (EU) 2019/1793.

Fill out the form for commercial samples and send it by e-mail to the Border Control Post. The border control makes an assessment of the consignment and sends the form in return by e-mail. You may need to show the form to the Swedish Customs, when you are going to declare your shipment.

Form commercial samples - in Swedish

Reviewed 2021-05-21