Businesses - coronavirus

All regulations on control measures due to covid-19 for restaurants have been removed. However the coronavirus is still around. On this page you find answers on the most common questions about coronavirus and food.

Could the coronavirus spread through food?
Currently, there is nothing to indicate that you get ill if you eat food contaminated with coronavirus. This also applies to unpackaged food such as bread and candy. Coronavirus is mainly contagious through microscopic droplets in the air entering the airway – not through the gastrointestinal tract.

If an employee in our kitchen has coronavirus, could the virus be transmitted through the food being served?

If you are ill, you should not work. If your food business has an employee who has fallen ill - follow the Public Health Agency's recommendations.

Is there anything special we need to take into account when it comes to coronavirus and hygiene routines? 

No. A food business should follow its regular cleaning routines regarding kitchens and service. There is no need to do anything in addition to that due to corona. 

Coronavirus pandemic - questions and answers

Reviewed 2022-02-09