Coronavirus pandemic - questions and answers

Most measures against covid-19 have been phased out. However, the coronavirus is still around. On this page you find answers on the most common questions about coronavirus and food.

Could the coronavirus spread through food?

Do I have to rinse fruit, berries and vegetables extra carefully due to the coronavirus?

No. You do not need to rinse fruits, berries and vegetables extra carefully due to the coronavirus. Coronavirus is mainly spread through microscopic droplets in the air entering the airway – not through the gastrointestinal tract.

Could I become infected if I touch utensils such as salad tongs or food packages that an infected person has touched?

The risk of being infected by coronavirus through indirect contact, such as when touching surfaces or utensils, is assessed to be very small. There have been no reports of anyone being infected with the new coronavirus by touching surfaces or objects containing the virus.

Is there anything special a food business need to take into account when it comes to coronavirus and hygiene routines? 

No. A food business should follow its regular cleaning routines regarding kitchens and service. There is no need to do anything in addition to that due to corona. 

Reviewed 2022-11-22