Proficiency testing 2023- Foodborne viruses

The European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) for Foodborne Viruses would like to invite you to participate in two upcoming proficiency testing schemes.

PT schemes are designed for qualitative detection of norovirus GI, GII and HAV in raspberries based on ISO 15216-2 and quantification of norovirus GI, GII and HAV in oysters based on ISO 15216-1. Spiked viruses are cultured hepatitis A virus strain HM 175/18f and norovirus positive faecal samples.

Dispatches are planned for 11th September 2023 for raspberries (EFV 10) and 27th November 2023 for oyster samples (EFV 11).

According to ISO 15216, it is required to use EC-RNA and a process control virus in order to evaluate the extraction efficiency and inhibition. We highly recommend you to follow your laboratory procedure. However, if you have no access to EC-RNA and mengovirus we can provide them to you. Remember that mengovirus is a GMO and you should have procedures and permissions in the laboratory to handle GMOs.
Quantification standards will be provided for oyster PT participating laboratories in case that they order them in advance. You will be able to use your own standards and/or the provided EURL standards. If using own standards it is recommended to use the EURL standards in parallel to facilitate comparison and assessment of standards used among NRLs for foodborne viruses.

If you wish to participate, please fill in the electronic registration below no later than June 30th.

Reviewed 2023-05-22