PT schemes 2020

PT EFV04 2020 (norovirus and hepatitis A virus contaminated leaf vegetables), which was initially scheduled for May 4th has been postponed due to the current covid-19 pandemic.

PT EFV04 2020 is now decided to be dispatched October 5th 2020. We hope all laboratories will be able to perform laboratory work at this time. The distribution will be refrigerated and should be processed within 24 hours after arrival. Participants should submit their results at latest October 12th.

PT EFV05 2020, was planned to be our first distribution of bioaccumulated oysters with norovirus and HAV. The pandemic prevented us to prepare facilities required for bioaccumulation and therefore, bioaccumulated oysters will be replaced with norovirus and HAV spiked oyster hepatopanceras.

PT EFV05 2020 will be dispatched November 10th. Participants should submit their results latest October 27th.

If you wish to participate, please fill in the registration form no later than August 25th

Reviewed 2020-07-08