Food and environment

What we eat and how we handle food affects the environment in many ways, from farm to fork. For example, by changing our eating habits we reduce greenhouse gas emissons. At the same time, we eat healthy and save money. Food must be handled in a more sustainable way to achieve the goals of UN in Agenda 2030.

About a third of Swedish households' consumption based greenhouse gas emisson comes from food, including emissions from abroad. Other negative effects of food on the environment is related to eutrophication, overfishing and the use of pesticides.

But food can also have a positive effect on for example the agricultural landscape and biodiversity. Some foods have a greater impact on the environment, while others have less environmental impact. Consequently, the choices we make are important.

En grupp vita kycklingar går omrking
Beef, lamb, pork and chicken

Cut down on meat - and choose the meat you do eat with care!

Reviewed 2020-02-28