Private use and commercial samples

On this page you will find information about import of food stuff for private use and commercial samples.

Import for privat use - animal origin

It is allowed to bring in food of animal origin in limited quantities for personal use in your own luggage or by post, except for meat and milk and their products. The EU has strict rules for this in order to reduce the risk of various types of infections entering the EU.

You can find a description of what kind of food feed of animal origin you may import to the EU and their restrictions.

Import for private use - non-animal origin

It is allowed to bring food of non-animal origin into Sweden if it is for private use. Food of non-animal origin that is to be inspected when imported commercially can usually be admitted without border inspection, if it is brought in for private use. However, this must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Anyone bringing food of non-animal origin into Sweden must be able to show the authorities that the amount is reasonable and that the products are not for commercial use. Upon entry to Sweden, customs may contact the National Food Agency for assessment help. If needed, please contact the NFA at  and include a detailed list of the products you intend to bring into Sweden and your planned entry point.
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Reviewed 2019-07-25