Microbiological reference materials


The National Food Agency provides microbiological reference materials. These are used for internal control of analyses on laboratories and act as a complement to the proficiency testing programs.
There are different types of reference materials with freeze dried mixtures of microorganisms with no matrices. The freeze dried material, which is to be dissolved in a diluent, can be used for control of multiple parameters at the same time.

Order reference materials

Note! Dispatch of reference materials will be limited during June and July due to summer holidays.

Price and delivery

Cost per vial: 410 SEK (if nothing else is stated on the order form)
Freight per order: In Sweden 200 SEK. Outside Sweden 300 SEK.


Expiry date for each mixture is stated in the list of reference materials.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Documentation on our freeze-dried materials.

Reference material Drinking water

Reference material Food

In addition to the above reference materials, we can also offer custom-made vials with microorganisms for individual laboratories. For example, we have a number of vials with different levels and species of Campylobacter available. Manufacture of new vials is not guaranteed, and is only offered when our ordinary laboratory activities are not affected. In practice, this means you need to contact us at least 4 months ahead, if you require manufacture of new vials.

Please contact us for more information on our current inventory, prices and the possibility of new manufacture.

Reviewed 2017-12-19