Salmonella regulations

Salmonella regulations are stipulated in the National Food Agency regulation LIVSFS 2005:22. The regulations do not apply to import from Norway or Finland, since these countries have the same salmonella status as Sweden.


Particular rules apply to the import of fresh meat of beef, pork and poultry, including minced meat. Importers of these types of meat are responsible for ensuring that the meat is tested for salmonella in the country of dispatch. Documentation showing that the meat has been tested in accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) No 1688/2005, and that no salmonella was detected must accompany the consignment.

Consignments of beef and pork intended for pasteurisation, sterilisation or treatment with similar effect does not need to be tested. A certificate in accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) No 1688/2005 shall accompany the consignment.


Importers of hen eggs for consumption must, as part of the inhouse-control, ensure that the consignment is accompanied by a certificate of salmonella testing in accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) No 1688/2005 before further processing of the eggs.

Eggs need not be tested if the consignment is delivered to an approved establishment and when it can be demonstrated that they are to be used in the manufacture of egg products.

Eggs produced in Denmark do not need to be accompanied by a certificate in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1688/2005.

Regulation 1688/2005

Reviewed 2019-09-30