Questionnaire on future workshops, courses and NRL NGS working group

Contact information
Laboratory name
Contact Person
E-mail address
The EURL would like NRLs to host the workshops every other year. We now kindly ask if you are willing to host a workshop in the coming years.
Are you able to host a workshop?
If so, what period(s) that year do you prefer to host the workshop?
Technical courses
Please suggest subjects for technical courses that will increase your ability to detect and quantify foodborne viruses.
NRL NGS working group
During the workshop 2019, it was decided to form an NRL NGS working group. We need to know if you want to participate. Every NRL is welcome, regardless of level of experience in the NGS field.
Do you want to participate in an NRL NGS working group? A first meeting will be held in conjunction with the next workshop.
If Yes, please provide a contact person for the NRL NGS working group
E-mail address
Reviewed 2019-10-24