Evaluation workshop 2019

Evaluation of the 2nd workshop for NRLs for Foodborne Viruses, 2019

The information prior to the workshop was satisfactory
The venue for the workshop was fit for the purpose
Information about EURL activities during 2018 was useful
The information on the EURL work program for 2019 and 2020 was informative
Outbreak and surveillance presentations were informative
The presentations and discussions on PT distributions and results were useful
Presentations on virus detection and methodology were relevant and informative
Presentations on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) were informative
Discussion on an NGS NRL working group was fruitful
Discussion on HEV standardisation was fruitful
Discussion on actions from the workshop was fruitful
In general, my appreciation of the workshop was good
The possibility for networking was good
The length of the workshop was good
Was theere anything that was particularly good, that you think should be kept for future workshops?
Did the workshop meet your expectations? Please describe in what aspect
Do you have any wishes for future workshops?
Other comments are appreciated
Reviewed 2019-06-18